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About Me


My Background

Lucky for me...I grew up and lived in Michigan’s Gold Coast! Living in 

Saugatuck/ Douglas for 23 years, which is known for an art lovers paradise. The city is home to Oxbow Art institute, which is affiliated with Chicago Art Institute. 

I started to vacation in Florida 20 years ago I choose Gulfport as my destination. I quickly learned that Gulfport's art community was as wonderful as Saugatuck/ Douglas .


Each year my vacation brought me back to Gulfport where I fell in love more and more each time. June of 2017 I made the move permanently to Gulfport, Florida. 

All through my life, as early as I can remember, I have studied art and has taken numerous classes through out my school years carrying that into my college years. I always loved to sketch and draw. It wasn’t til I was late forties to early fifties I decided to try it for myself. I fell in love with watercolors. I completed numerous pieces in watercolor and always donating a lot of my pieces to auctions for my local non-profits that I was involved in. I honed my work and process of watercolor by always taking new classes. 

After I moved to Gulfport full time, and being retired, I decided to renew my love  for art. This time doing acrylic on canvas. I fell in love with my new passion. It has consumed my free time since then. Now always studying new and different techniques.I have fallen in love with the medium of acrylics. 

I started to show my pieces on social media and found people liked and enjoyed the finished results, which gave me the hunger to keep it going. I love my time of finishing a piece or starting a new one. This process is growing with each piece. 

My goal with this is to do what I love but also provide art at a reasonable price so more people can enjoy. Letting the younger art lovers be able to purchase an original piece to hopefully keep their interest in continuing to support our fabulous art community.


My Medium

I mainly work in Acrylic on Canvas or natural stone. 


My Inspiration

life is my inspiration . We all go through difficult times. It’s what we learn from them and move forward is life, 

Always knowing that life is to celebrate each and everyday. To find your happiness . 


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